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As technology continues to evolve and revolutionize our everyday lives, AI is now becoming a major player in SEO. Google’s use of RankBrain has opened up new opportunities for businesses to benefit from artificial intelligence-based analytics—allowing them unparalleled choice when it comes to driving organic traffic and rankings.

With the ability to quickly read, interpret, and store data virtually at its disposal, AI can help you customize your current SEO strategy while adapting faster than ever before. From improved customer behavior analysis all the way through desired market targeting using trending keywords, AI-driven SEO is sure to dominate the future.

Here’s how:

Keyword Research
By leveraging machine learning algorithms and getting insights from an expansive database comprised of millions of searches, AI-driven keyword research is able to synthesize data more quickly and accurately than manual keyword research ever could. Not only does this help businesses make better decisions about their SEO approach, it also helps them create content that speaks to the best keywords being searched in their industry or field.

Ultimately, AI-driven keyword research can give business owners a competitive edge when it comes to winning visibility online and improving search engine rankings.

Content Creation
AI technology uses machine learning algorithms to assess what potential readers are looking for, then creates content that mirrors this intention. AI-driven content creation can be beneficial in more ways than one; it not only reduces the workload of limited human resources, but also increases the quality of content by personalizing it to the individual user. Content created using AI-driven tools have seen a significant boost in engagement, thanks to its ability to quickly identify and adapt relevant topics into engaging pieces of content. This has ultimately led to an increase in search engine rankings and placed emphasis on the importance of effective SEO strategies.

Traffic and Ranking Analysis
AI-driven Traffic and Ranking Analysis generally involves looking at website visitors and their behavior as they interact with a website in order to determine areas of improvement. This gives companies better visibility into how well web pages are performing, what content users are searching for and how they consume it, as well as areas in sites that possess potential weaknesses which need addressing. Not only does this allow marketers to better fine-tune their SEO efforts but also identify opportunities for creating content that can drive even more traffic onto their websites. Thus, AI-driven Traffic and Ranking Analysis provides a unique advantage for organizations looking to optimize their SEO efforts.

SEO Workflows
Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms have been incorporated into sophisticated processes to collate key insights and data that improves the overall results of SEO campaigns. For example, AI can optimize website content to be more search engine friendly while also predicting user intent and engagement metrics such as bounce rate and click-through rate. This helps companies serve up more relevant commercial content faster and with far more accuracy.

AI-driven SEO workflows also help marketers to:
● Continually monitor their sites for changes
● Identify new potential keywords opportunities
● Quickly analyze backlinks and mentions on the web for competitive insights
● Review keyword rankings in real-time
● Report tooling efficiently across multiple channels
● Correctly attribute leads from organic search traffic
● Tailor consumer experiences to target specific audiences.

The applications of AI-driven SEO processes are endless—it opens doors for modernizing businesses that thrive on accurate consumer insights powered by machine learning algorithms.

Monitoring and Analyzing the Competition
With AI-driven SEO, companies can gain valuable insights about their competitors, as well as monitor changes in their own strategies and tactics. By analyzing competitor activity and quickly responding to new opportunities, businesses can ensure they remain visible and competitive in the ever-shifting digital marketplace. AI-driven SEO is the perfect tool to keep your finger on the pulse of current trends and find new ways to stand out from the competition.

Bay Area SEO Group’s AI Engine
SEO can often be a complex and extensive process but, with the help of the right team, you can find success. At Bay Area SEO Group, our SEO experts understand the ever-changing landscape of SERP rankings and use this knowledge to formulate effective strategies for businesses to dominate the search engine results page and rank higher than their competitors. Using our proprietary AI-powered tools, we will analyze your website from head to toe and identify areas that need improvement in order to maximize your business’s potential, while helping it reach its long-term objectives.

Our full suite of SEO services includes local SEO, technical SEO, ecommerce SEO, content creation, and lead generation—all focusing on increasing exposure and get you noticed online.

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