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With the advancement in technology, the ways in which your potential customers can reach your business has increased significantly. Among the different ways to reach out to a business, the online mode is fast turning out to be the most preferred choice for users.

When a user decides to reach out to a business online, the search query they type in Google will decide the results that will show up. For business owners, looking to maximize their reach to online users SEO is an imperative practice.

However, when we mention SEO, most people associate it with organic SEO, and they fail to realize the importance of local SEO. Therefore, knowing the difference between Local and Organic SEO services in the San Francisco and Bay Area can be critical for businesses looking to boost their presence online.

Let us walk you through the differences between the two and help you decide which is the better SEO strategy for your business.

What is Local SEO?

Let us first start by understanding the definition of local SEO. It refers to search engine optimization strategies localized to a specific area. It targets customers in a specific location and helps establish a strong presence in the local market. Since the users are more likely to visit a local business, the conversion rates are higher as well. This niche SEO strategy depends largely on local listings, reviews, online citations

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO does not necessarily have a geographical component. The goal is to rank higher for a specific query. It targets a wider audience and thus can increase website traffic as well as brand awareness. It can have long-term benefits as organic rankings are more sustainable.

Difference Between Local and Organic SEO

Here are some fundamental differences that differentiate local and organic SEO practices.

  1. Audience

The target audience is the significant difference between the two. Local SEO usually targets users looking for products or services in their vicinity. They usually are looking to pick a business to make purchases at the same time.

While organic SEO focuses on answering certain queries of a user. Because the users are mostly looking for information and not necessarily making any purchase.

  1. Content

While content is a crucial part of both strategies, it works differently in both. In organic SEO, the content is focused on topics and keywords relevant to the target audiences. On the other hand, local SEO uses content based on how the local audience behaves or speaks. So, creating content that relates with the local audiences is the key that helps them convert into customers.

  1. SERP

Local SEO goes beyond the usual SERPs, it mainly targets business directories, Google Maps, and voice search.

With organic SEO, the goal is to rank higher for a specific set of keywords. Our organic SEO services in the San Francisco and bay area includes trusted strategies to boost your presence in SERPs.

  1. Approach:

With Organic SEO, the goal is to reach the top of SERPs. This follows a lot of off-page and on-page optimization techniques which includes working on heading tags, meta descriptions, title tags, anchor texts, and link building.

For local SEO, the strategy is different, the focus is mainly to get listing on all directories in your niche, maintain a consistent brand identity, and write local content, etc.

Both local and organic SEO have different purposes, the choice depends on the nature of your business, if you sell products or services in a specific location, you need to go for local SEO. And if your target audience is not limited to a specific location, then organic SEO is the thing for you.

Confused about choosing the right SEO strategy for your business? We are a leading SEO company in San Jose helping clients choose the best strategy based on their niche and target audience.

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