The SEO analysis process starts with a careful examination of the site to see how well it’s been optimized and what opportunities for improvement exist. Our SEO analysis consists of 3 main services:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is critical for any good SEO strategy. It’s important to understand what your customers are searching for in order to optimize your site and its content. That way, when a prospective customer searches for something related to your site, you’ll show up high in the results. 

With our keyword research, you’ll experience:

  • Increased web traffic from relevant keywords
  • Ongoing analysis to always ensure your site is competing for targeted keywords
  • Capitalizing on trends within your chosen keywords

SEO Audits

Google ranks websites based on their popularity, and if yours isn’t showing up in the search results then there are many things that could be holding it back. A SEO Audit will diagnose any technical issues with your site so you can fix them before they get worse!

Your website audit can be tailored to the needs of your business, from small and medium-sized businesses all the way up through enterprise level websites. We can give our audit to your in-house IT team or our own team can handle its execution.

Crawlability Audits

Crawlability refers not just to how well your website has been optimized for SEO, but also if there are no errors or redirects that can trip up Google when it tries to crawl everything about your site. Crawlability is a key aspect of SEO and if the search engine can’t find your content, it will be unable to index or rank you in their results.

Our Crawlability Audit will help you confirm that your content can actually get found on Google and that there are no 404 errors or other problems hiding in plain sight. If something changed recently (like when someone changes their domain), an audit might also uncover any issues with how things work now before they go live at a new address. The Crawlability Audit is great for ensuring all of those little URLs inside bigger ones still work properly, identifying temporary redirects if anyone sets them up incorrectly, and checking server response times against expectations.

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