On-Site SEO

On-site SEO (or “on-page SEO”) refers to optimizing your website to rank higher and get more traffic from relevant keywords. This includes optimizing both the content and HTML code of your site. On-site SEO is in contrast to off-site SEO, which improves a site’s ranking through external means.

Our on-site SEO includes:

On-Site Factors

You can’t control off-page factors like external search engine results, but you do have more power to influence on-page optimization. This is why on-page optimization is so important.

Our on-site SEO services include:

  • An analysis of your current site
  • Finding on-site SEO opportunities
  • Changing your pages to ensure best practices are met

Site Speed Audits

Your site’s loading speed is an important ranking factor in search engine results, so it should be well-optimized to ensure that visitors have the best browsing experience possible. A slow website can result from anything such as too many images for SEO purposes or bad coding practices on your part. We offer free Site Speed Audits for both mobile and desktop, which identify areas where improvements might improve rankings and user interactivity.

Technical SEO

This refers to the behind-the-scenes mechanics of SEO that are critical to a good strategy. Our techniques will boost your online performance and give the following benefits:

  • Staying up to date with SEO best practices Google’s algorithm updates
  • Using site architecture and usability best practices
  • Site cleanup so search engines can crawl your site
  • Eliminating duplicate content, which is very harmful to your search ranking

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