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Search engine optimization is crucial for the success of any business in the digital age. It is the ultimate strategy to rank on search engines, attract more traffic, and ultimately drive sales.

While creating SEO strategies, one must be aware of the risks to take and avoid that can drastically affect your online presence.

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Let us look at common SEO risks worth taking and those you should avoid.

SEO Risks to Take

  1. Enhancing user Experience Through Website Redesign

Many businesses are hesitant to change the website’s design out of concern that they would face Google penalties. However, that is not the case always. Website redesign is the safest SEO risk that you can take. Redesigning your website can have a significant impact on increasing user engagement metrics, growing conversion rates, and improving rankings. Additionally, you can minimize any negative impact of this change by seeking the guidance of an SEO expert in the Bay Area during your website redesign.

  1. Changing the URL Structure of Your Site

The most effective URLs are short, simple, and easy to remember. If the URL structure of your site is too long and descriptive, it might be time to overhaul your website’s URL structure. While any changes in URLs can lead to fluctuations in ranking and traffic, doing this correctly can have long-term gains.

  1. Making and Testing Small Changes

The goal of SEO is to improve ranking and gain targeted traffic which eventually leads to conversions. There can be several reasons why a page is not performing as expected. It takes some trial and error to zero in on the exact reason. You can take a single element at a time such as title, meta description, or images for A/B testing. This can help you find the perfect combination that drives maximum traffic and conversions. This also involves some risk as some changes may not work well and reduce the traffic. But the risk is worth it because it allows you to find the elements that can drive better returns in the long run.

SEO Risks to Avoid

  1. Deleting Content or Whole Pages

While deleting pages from your website about products or services your company has discontinued might look like no big deal, once you delete a page, the keywords that it once ranked for will also be gone. Instead of deleting content or whole pages. You can redirect the users to a page that is relevant to the product or service. Even when merging two or more pages, include 301 redirects to ensure that link juice and traffic are not lost.

  1. Poor Doorway Pages

To target keyword groupings, doorway pages are easy and quick to create in bulk. However, Google does not like doorway pages and penalizes websites that use them. That’s why SEO experts in the Bay Area or elsewhere avoid doorway pages.

  1. Using Exact Keyword in Anchor text

In the past, using exact-match keywords in the anchor text was a very common practice. However, due to black hat optimizers abusing this technique, it is better to avoid using the exact keyword as the anchor text. Look for other organic methods to link to your site.

SEO expert in the Bay Area


Search engine optimization is crucial for any business to succeed in modern times. Like any other business practice, there are numerous risks around SEO. While some of the risks are worth giving a try, there are some risks that you should avoid.

Choosing the best SEO services in the Bay Area can help you minimize the risks and take the presence of your business to the next level.

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