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Do you know that the top five search results on Google get a whopping 67% of the share of clicks? This means that there is very little for pages that rank lower than that.

To improve your ranking and maximize your chances of ranking on the top positions in search results organic SEO plays a pivotal role.

You don’t always have to make huge changes to see the difference. Here are 5 small organic SEO changes that can make a big difference to your rankings.

  1. SEO Internal Linking

Internal linking helps users navigate your site and find the content they want. Using relevant hyperlinks can make all the difference in keeping the user engaged.

Remember, putting a link in the footer is not as effective as using it in the content. Also, using relevant links is important, a randomly positioned link does no one any favor. That’s why hiring a professional SEO company in San Jose can help maximize the benefits of internal linking for your website, by making sure that every webpage is connected suitably.

  1. Optimize Meta Description

Meta description is a small excerpt that gives users a glimpse into the webpage before they click on it. These 160 characters are as important as the entire content of the web page.

Optimizing your meta description can increase the chances of users clicking on your link. Meta description plays an important role in convincing the users thus helping raise the traffic and conversion rates.

  1. Optimize the Images

Optimizing the images used in your blog post is a small change that can significantly improve your SEO. This includes adding titles and alt texts to the images.

Optimizing images will allow search engine crawlers to crawl our images. Rather than using a random name for the file, the images file should have a proper name related to the content.

Furthermore, Alt text is used to describe the image and you can include natural keywords to ensure that Google bots get a better understanding of the image. This simple practice increases the chances of improving your position in search results.

  1. Identify the Right Keywords

Using the right technique for keyword research is important to identify the right keywords. With the growing trend of voice search, longtail keywords have become even more important.

Alongside identifying the right keywords, it is also important to use the keywords appropriately. When it comes to keywords, most people think that these are the words that they need to use throughout the content. However, in reality, forcing keywords into content can do more harm to your ranking.

  1. Update Content Headlines

Headline is the first impression on readers and determine whether a user will click on your article or blog post. A well-crafted headline sets the tone for the rest of the content and determines whether the reader will invest in exploring the content further. Headlines also play an important role in search engine ranking. Optimizing your heading for relevant keywords helps increase the chances of appearing higher in the search engine results.


These are some of the small changes that can make a big difference to your website. From internal linking to keyword research and optimizing images, paying attention to these small changes is important for any website owner.

At Bay Area SEO Group, we are a leading agency for organic SEO services in the San Francisco and Bay Area, following a data-driven and holistic approach to help clients rank higher in the search results.

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